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I. Perfect Admission 


Who are we?

What services do we provide?

Why choose Perfect Admission?

What is the cost of your services?

Will Perfect Admission maintain my privacy?


 II. Studying in the U.S. 


Who is eligible to apply for admission to study in a U.S. university or college?


What are the requirements for admission to most universities?


How long does it take to get admission to a program?


Where should I apply?


How much does a program of study cost?


Are there scholarships or financial aid available?


Can I work once I am in the USA?



III. Studying in Canada 


What are the requirements for admission into Canadian universities?


Do I need a permit to study in Canada?


When should I apply for my study permit?


Can I work while studying? 


Can my spouse work in Canada while I study?


As an international student, can I return home or travel outside Canada during my studies?