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University Admission Application: Top tips!

1. Apply early

Yes, applying to schools can be an exhausting experience.  However, you increase your odds of acceptance into to the program of your choice by applying early.


2. Understand what the university is asking of you 

It is easy to want to write the best about yourself, but ask yourself if you are really answering what the university or college is asking of you.  When in doubt- read all instructions again.  It is better to take extra time and make sure you are responding to the right questions.  It also verifies critical reading comprehension skills.


3. Do not be afraid to market yourself

The Personal Essay section of an application is a fantastic opportunity to show the admissions committee who you are and what you can offer to your fellow classmates.  If you have a special skill, talent, or life experience that may contribute a fresh perspective to others- this is the time to make that known.  Choose your words wisely.


4. Explain your errors

No one expects you to be perfect.  Your record may indicate a few weakness. Instead of hoping  that no one will notice them, it is best to take time to clarify a discrepancy in  grades or behavior.


5. Pick the right references

Try to avoid receiving a generic reference letter.  The best way to do this is in finding someone with whom you have had multiple meaningful interactions, someone who knows you. It is also best to use a reference that is in your chosen field of study.  Is there a teacher with whom you have had engaging conversations?  Is there a professional with whom you have shadowed or volunteered?


However, remember that there is no substitute for good grades and exam scores.

Extra curricular activities (jobs, sports, clubs, hobbies, skills) strengthen and personalize your application, and are most powerful when they relate to your field of study. 


The sooner you begin down this path, the stronger an applicant you will become.

Remember, different universities will have different expectations.